Victim, a horror board game that lets players help each other to find a way out by cooperatively completing defined missions, is for 1-6 people with about 40-90 minutes of playtime. Each player will receive a different character with a different unique skill such as an ability to be good at navigation, searching, healing and decoding. Players need to brainstorm to wisely divide duties to each other and find a way out in a specific time. Anyway, in the middle of the game, there will be one player to be possessed by the evil and the mission of that possessed player will become to eliminate other players or blocking the way out instead. Therefore, remaining players have to team up to overcome obstacles and try their best to get out of the forest in the end.

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Let's explore together and adventures to increase

status of your character

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Decoding mission and

find the exit

within time limit

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Change from Victim to Evil then killing all of them and

no one can escape



40 Map tiles

6 Victim Boards

6 Evil Boards

6 Victim Miniatures

6 Evil Miniatures

5 Victim Dice (D6)

1 Evil Dice (D6)

1 Evil Dice (D10)

22 Item Cards

25 Event Cards

6 Curse Cards

28 Marker Cubes

12 Wound Tokens

6 Decoder Tokens 

3 Hammer Tokens

2 Bullet Token

1 Smart Link Token

1 Ground Analyze Token

1 Self Heal Token

2 Herb Tokens

2 Black Box Tokens

6 Yellow Tokens

6 Red Tokens

6 Purple Tokens

\6 Number Tokens

8 Symbol Tokens

10 Gate Tokens

1 Bunker Board

1 Rule Book


Play system that allows players to randomly create their own maps every round

and there are many characters to choose from. In addition, players cannot

predict who will transform into demons in each round.

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From the cooparative game will

become the survivors game instead.

change your role to chase your friends




Every character has their

own model and the miniatures

in Victim are highly detailed.

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