Retailer Pledge on Kickstarter


Retailers with a valid business license may back at 

The Merchant of the Forest level.

The $100 represents a deposit for a bundle of 6 Base Games with 6 The Asylum Expansions.
We will include all Strech Goal Pack for every bundle ordered.


Retailers will be required to provide business details including a valid Business License and Tax/ VAT number as well as standard contact details. This pledge level does not apply to group pledges of individuals without a valid business license. If a retailer fails to provide the relevant details and thus fails to qualify for the retailer pledge their pledge will be automatically converted to a The Victim's Follower level pledge with the extra $20 going towards shipping. Refunds will not be given for failing to produce the necessary details.


We will supply art assets, including printable posters that retailers can use to promote the game in stores

or on their socials and sites.


Retailers will be able to pledge for more than the minimum of 6 copies of the Base Game and 6 of the Asylum Expansion and then add any other items including the Victim's Dice Tower to their pledge. The final amount, including shipping, will need to be paid by the time the Pledge Manager closes (July).


Retailers will be offered the game at 50% of MSRP. This means that the price per unit will be:

• Victim: The Cursed Forest Base Game $69 MSRP = $34.50

• Victim: The Asylum Expansion $49 MSRP = $24.50 

• Victim's Dice Tower $49 MSRP = $24.50


6 x Victim: The Cursed Forest Base Game $69 MSRP

+ 6 x Second Wave Expansion $49 MSRP

= $354


Shipping will be charged during the pledge manager. Please see the shipping rates table for an estimate of shipping in your region. If you would like us to estimate the bundled shipping please contact us:


The game will be distributed in USA and Europe in English and in Australia and Asia in Thailand. We will make sure that backers who complete their orders by the time the pledge manager closes, including retailers, will get their pledges at least 30 days before the game goes into distribution.

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