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Babaric is a competitive miniatures board game for 2 - 4 players. The player play the role of a mutated animal (the Rider) and combine the unique craft ship (the Gear) to create a synergistic action deck. Each turn, the players will take actions to move, search, playing cards in their hand to fight and steal the Energy Core. There will be only one survivor who will escape from the things.


After the Apocalypese

The Prologue 01

When the human energy source is almost depleted They have to find a way to create a renewable energy source. And finally, humans have successfully created the core of nuclear energy. But they didn't know that it would cause complications later on. Over time the nuclear energy has to infiltrate the human body causing abnormal conditions and premature death. In addition, causes greenhouse gas conditions that are many times higher than before. Resulting in high flash floods around the world from the melting polar ice phenomenon. In the end, the human race came to an end. Only the ruins of the artifacts they had created were left.

Age of

The Prologue 02

The core of nuclear energy continues to burn endlessly, it caused a sudden evolution in the animals that were exposed to the radiation. Transformed from generation to generation, becoming the Barbaric, a new intelligent creature with the instincts of each race. Territorial battles erupted in the early stages of this brutal evolution until the surviving Barbaric eventually scattered around looking for new habitats. They have adapted and developed what humans used to live. Whether it's a craft ship (The Gear) or to repair a body damaged by war.

The War will begin again

The Prologue 03

But energy is still a necessity. The Barbaric need the Energy Core scattered around the world in their hands to colonize the water world. Each clan has trained their warriors to perform this important role. They are called the Riders, who are the main force in hunting resources and what is important to make their territory greater is the Energy Core. the Barbaric scramble is about to begin!


The Riders

With more 4 Riders, you’ll find the perfect match for your playstyle.

Master one or master them all.


The Gears

With more 4 Gears, you’ll find the perfect match for your playstyle.

Master one or master them all.

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