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We will create greatest board games by our constant inspiration.


Babaric is a competitive miniatures board game for 2 - 4 players. The player play the role of a mutated animal (the Rider) and combine the unique craft ship (the Gear) to create a synergistic action deck. Each turn, the players will take actions to move, search, playing cards in their hand to fight and steal the Energy Core. There will be only one survivor who will escape from the things...


Victim is a horror board game where players have to cooperate to complete defined missions for 2-6 players. Each player will receive a different character with unique skills to help each other out and find a way to escape the deadly forest before all help comes too late...


Barbaric: After the Apocalypse

A new survival story is about to begin in the age of mutated animals!

When the human energy source is almost depleted They therefore have to find a way to create a renewable energy source. And finally, humans have successfully created the core of nuclear energy. But they didn't know that it would cause complications later on...

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