The Wendigo

Cursed Item: Cursed Totem 

History: The brutal monster from northern America who craved bloody human fresh appearing in Canadian folk belief. Its lips were tattered, its skin was deadly pale, and its eyes were hollow. It had sharp horns and fangs with a long flicking tongue. It smelled fishy like a decomposed body. It always possessed humans and let them eat themselves. An American Indian tribe sealed up its spirit in the totem. However, there are some people who reject to believe such ancient belief and love to collect cursed stuffs since it is challenging to them as an owner. That’s why it was brought to the auction.


The Werewolf

Cursed Item: Werewolf’s Bloody

History: The werewolf’s spirit since the dawn of time was sealed up in the bottle of cursed blood. When it is released, it will possess the chosen one. The soul of the chosen one will then be devoured and his body will be taken. He will become the werewolf when the full moon shines on him. He will have a wolf head, sharp fangs, deep red eyes, black shiny hair all over his strong body and ready-to-kill claws on hands and feet. Besides, his saliva is poisonous. If someone is bitten by the werewolf and not dead, he will become the werewolf’s slave later.


The Witch

Cursed Item: Rune Stone

History: The spirit of a wicked Salem witches who were defeated by witch hunters. Their spirits were suppressed in the rune stone under the root of a pine tree in the forest. One day, someone found it and the rune stone has changed hands so many times until it was in a wealthy man’s hands. His daughter was possessed and she then slaughtered everyone mysteriously. The rune stone was sold off and finally stayed in the cargo plane of the auction.

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