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“Rolita Coinson” a 19-year-old girl and a daughter of Coinson’s chairman whose company was in charge of gathering ancient stuff and arranging that auction, also lost her father since the day of the mysterious plane crash. She tried to look for the clues in his workroom and even contacted his company but there was no response.


Until “Lucien Richman” Rolita’s best friend, heard from “Anya Mesaratree” a college student and also a trainee journalist who was following this case, that she had information and a photo of Mr. Coinson when he was getting on the plane  last month. Anya then assumed that he might be going to the accident scene.


Rolita believed that her father must be in danger. With extremely anxiety, she asked for help from “Diego Samuel” a son of her family’s housekeeper, who is an aircraft mechanic of the company. She told him everything she knew and showed him all Anya’s evidence until he decided to help her since he owes her father for always taking care of his family.


And it was such impeccable timing since he was assigned a mission to bring extra supplies to the forest in the next few days. Diego then planned to bring Rolita and her friends to hide in the cargo of the plane which was going to fly to the rescue camp where the plane crash happened.  


When the plane has landed at the campsite, while Diego was taking Rolita and her friends out of the cargo, he was arrested by the sentries. Diego tried to protect Rolita and her friends and was hit by a gunstock. Therefore, Rolita had to reveal herself and told them she was Mr. Coinson’s daughter. A sentry then hurriedly contacted a senior executive to confirm her identity. After that, the senior executive gave his underling an order which made Rolita and her friends be grounded waiting for a helicopter to take her and her friends back home.

The sentries took them to the medical tent where they met “Vivien Cheng” a volunteer doctor of the government project who was assigned to work at the rescue camp. While she was bandaging Diego, the emergency siren suddenly rang. The screaming voice was so loud outside. Everyone in the medical tent then turned their heads to where the sound came from and saw people screaming and running in fear. Those  sentries who went outside earlier did not come back too. Vivien felt something was wrong so she was going to see what happened.


Suddenly, a big man in a soldier suite hurtled towards them and forced them to go hiding in the cargo. After everyone came back to their senses. the young soldier introduced himself as “Sean Andre” the one who was commanded directly by Mr. Coinson to protect Rolita.  Rolita was overjoyed after knowing that her father’s still alive. She asked Sean about him, but all Sean could tell was that he just received a direct message saying that he must protect Rolita and her friends from the chairman yesterday.


At first, he thought it was a joke until he heard that they were at the campsite and something chaos happened, so he abruptly ran to where they were grounded. After outside of the cargo went back to silence, Sean, Vivien, Rolita, Lucien, Diego and Anya were out to explore all over and found the dead body of officers scattered all around the campsite. Vivien tried to find survivors but everyone was dead and she knew it was not by wildlife. All communication devices, antenna, and equipment werefully damaged as well. Then, Sean said that there was a bunker constructed by the government not so far away. But before entering the bunker, the password for the bunker gate is required. Therefore, everybody must split up and go repairing the decoders located in tents around the campsite to get the password of the bunker gate. Now, They must cooperatively discover the bunker as fast as they can. Otherwise, they might be killed by something in the forest like the others were…